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Angie Z. - Whitening patient at Wenatchee Dental - The practice of Dr. Kelly, Dr. Edwards and Dr. Webb

Tooth whitening has become a very popular procedure in recent years. Our office offers two options to brighten and whiten your smile. A tray based take home whitening system has become the most popular. This technique uses a model of your teeth to make a custom fitting plastic tray that fits snugly, yet comfortably over your teeth. With whitening gel in the trays, the patient will typically wear these custom trays for a couple of hours each day, for some weeks, as the whitening process takes place.

You have probably heard about ZOOM whitening that takes place right in a dental office and utilizes a bright light. This Zoom whitening technology significantly reduces the time and effort that goes into the whitening process. How much time reduction is there? Well, with this new technology we are able to whiten patients’ teeth in just over an hour. The results are visible before you even leave the office. The new technology incorporates a higher concentrated gel that is light activated. Patients can come into the office and listen to music, or catch up on some sleep while the light does all the work. Patients have been thrilled with the almost instant results. Patients doing veneers or other high aesthetic dentistry are often delayed while waiting for at  home whitening kits to take effect. With the new Zoom whitening system, there is no more waiting!

Whether you want to remove the accumulated staining from years of wear and tear, or just brighten and rejuvenate your smile, we have an option available to suit your needs. A brighter, younger and more beautiful smile is just a few steps away.