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"Root Canal….!? Your first thought is “Oh no!” (or something close :) , right? But thanks to Wenatchee Dental’s Dr. Kelly and Angie, mine was a walk in the park — really! This week Dr. Kelly completed work on my cracked tooth/root canal/new crown — and all in one visit! Thanks Dr. Kelly for your excellent work — no anxiety or pain at all — and to Angie, who kept me very comfortable (blankie and all) during the entire procedure. You guys rock!."

— Cathy Kelly


"The facility is state of the art – the people, awesome! And Dr. Kelly? I wouldn’t go to anyone else.”

— Corky Hosking

"I'm here to tell you - Dr. Edwards and Kelly are so awesome, one might have a tendency to think they might be from Texas and/or a great big Texas Longhorn fan! But truth be known, Dr. Kelly is a University of WA Huskie and Dr. Edwards is a Ohio State Buckeye. (What is a Buckeye, exactly?) Oh well… I won't hold it against him. Because Dr. Edward's handled my medical emergency on a holiday weekend and totally came to my rescue & saved my teeth & I can now smile again! Before you leave you will think you have made new friends, and you have! From the front door to the back door, the entire staff is awesome and I would recommend this group of smile makers to anyone."

— Mary Beth Ferraro

“We have been going to Dr. Kelly since he started. He and his staff are extremely friendly and have such a caring, professional attitude toward every patient. We recommend his office to anyone new in town.”

— Chuck & Kay Rank


"In all my life I have never had a more satisfying visit to a dentist. Dr. Edwards was first and foremost gentle and thorough. What a truly pleasant experience. He's one terrific dentist."

— Donna Christian

"I want to thank you for the kindness you showed me when I had my teeth pulled. You made me feal at ease. I've never had a dentist who cared about his patients so much.   You and your staff are very warm and caring.  My daughter Barbara and I couldnt ask for a better dentist.  Thank you again."

— Rose M. Hayes

"I am very thankful for your wonderful care and kindness"

— Debby Hollinsworth

"I appreciate your extra time and effort with my appointment.  You all went above and beyond the call of duty."

— Sue Peart

"In my 50+ years of dental experience you top the list in your abilities to anesthetize.  This assures me that all of your dental skills are nothing less than exceptional."

— Bob Babst


"What an awesome dentist & office staff! Dr. Kelly is very intelligent, kind, gentle, soft-spoken…… great qualities for an excellent dentist! I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. His staff smiles lots and are friendly – which speaks volumes to me about Dr. Kelly too! Not to mention very efficient & knowledgeable in their jobs. Give them a try – you’ll be glad you did!"

— Kathy Paine


“I really enjoy his pleasant nature. He has done a wonderful job as a dentist. My teeth have never looked or felt better. I even look forward to my visits …. Even when we do not discuss hunting and fishing!”

— Gerald Ross

“Dr. Kelly gave me anew perspective on life. I had a gaping hole between my two front teeth that others had tried to fix and failed. Dr. Kelly gave me my smile back. Now I have the confidence to have my picture taken and be out in public and not worry about laughing or smiling. Dr. Kelly is a miracle worker! Dr. Kelly and his wonderful staff made a difference in my life.”

— Tammy Murphy

“This is an overdue letter of special thanks for the exceptional & outstanding dental work you performed on my front teeth last May. To have this dental work done has been a wish of mine for a long time.”

— Trina Adams

"What an awesome dentist & office staff! Dr. Kelly is very intelligent, kind, gentle, soft-spoken…… great qualities for an excellent dentist! I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. His staff smiles lots and are friendly – which speaks volumes to me about Dr. Kelly too! Not to mention very efficient & knowledgeable in their jobs. Give them a try – you’ll be glad you did!"

— Kathy Paine

“My family & I have been going to Dr. Kelly since he first started his practice years ago. He watched my kids go from baby teeth and braces to young adults having their wisdom teeth extracted. He’s always been caring, considerate and very understanding of my fear for “the dentist” and he’ll never know how much I appreciate that. I would, and have, recommended Dr. Kelly to all my family and friends. Thanks Dr. Kelly for being a great person and great dentist! P.S. My kids think you’re the greatest too!"

— Joan Sims

“Dr. Kelly is, without doubt, the finest dentist I have ever had. He is personable, professional, and highly skilled. Additionally, his entire staff reflects his dedication to exceptional health care service.”

— Kent Mullinix

"We have always experienced a pleasant, cheerful atmosphere at Dr. Kelly’s office. We are treated like we are the only patients, and receive undivided attention at all our appointments, no matter what type of work is being done. Even during emergencies, Dr. Kelly will come in on his day off to provide care as needed. We wouldn’t think of going anywhere else because we are very satisfied. And his fishing and hunting stories are good too!”

— Victor Day

“We appreciate you Dr. Kelly. We find you are very thorough in your examinations, which includes “understandable” explanations of procedures and/or treatments. You are really a caring and gentle dentist. This certainly includes your caring staff – always helpful! We always leave with having a positive experience.”

—  Floyd & Eva Schwanz


“Great cosmetic work! Dr. Kelly gave me the perfect smile without having to wear braces. P.S. Keep the gas flowing!”

— Ryan McPherson

“I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Kelly and his staff. My smile is nicer than it has been in 50 years thanks to this super good dentist of ours. My husband and I both have been so pleased with Dr. Kelly’s work.We moved to the Wenatchee Valley in 1997. In 1998, I fell on some cement steps and broke 4 front teeth. My dentist for many years was in Tacoma and I had not gone to anyone in the Wenatchee Valley. I was devastated thinking that I might have to go back to Tacoma or go through the rest of my life with an unsightly smile. My daughter told me to call Dr. Kelly, as she had heard so many good things about him. She was right about him …. He and his staff were so accommodating, patient and understanding. He worked a miracle of dentistry and today I have the most beautiful teeth. I can hardly believe it when I look in the mirror. Thank you Dr. Kelly!”

— Clarene & Gordon East

“I’d like to express my gratitude to someone very special in my life. Someone that is so caring – his name is Dr. Aaron Kelly. Thank you so much for giving me my smile back! I want the whole world to see that I can smile without being ashamed. Thank you again Dr. Aaron Kelly. God Bless You!”

— Juana Gaytan

“One day a couple of months ago, I decided I needed to find a good dentist in the Wenatchee area. I made a phone call to one dentist who cares for children’s teeth, but HIGHLY recommended Dr. Kelly. I made my first appointment for a cleaning and checkup. I was very impressed with the office environment, the friendly staff and Dr. Kelly. When Dr. Kelly finished my work, he asked me if there was anything else he could do for me. I jokingly said, “It would be nice if you could fix the large space between my two front teeth”. He then began to show me pictures of others who had the same space that I did and how he was able to fix it for them. Until that moment, all I had ever been told was that I would need extensive oral surgery and braces to correct the space. Within a months time, Dr. Kelly had created an entire new smile for me with only a little over an hour and a half of work. I have spent almost 57 years avoiding smiling when I had my picture taken or covering my mouth with my hands so people would not see the space. I am a very happy, smiling person now, thanks to Dr. Kelly and his staff.”

— Susan Isaacson