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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you do root canals and extractions?

Yes, Dr. Kelly and Dr. Edwards do a majority of these procedures. However, a few select cases are referred to specialists. Dr. Kelly and Dr. Edwards have completed many hours of continuing education on the latest techniques and materials used to perform root canals. Even though root canals have an unpleasant reputation, the current techniques allow for them to be a relatively painless procedure which allows you to save your tooth while relieving you from pain and infection.

Do you do “white” fillings?

Yes, we do both white composite fillings as well as the time tested silver amalgam fillings. The choice is up to you. The great looks, the ability of the white composite filling to bond to the teeth, and the lack of mercury, creates a distinct advantage over the amalgam filling material.

Do you treat children in your practice?

Yes, we enjoy treating the children of our adult patients. We utilize many preventative techniques on our younger patients, including in-office and take home fluoride treatments, sealants and flowable composites, along with personalized home care instruction.