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Our Office

 Inside Wenatchee Dental - Waiting Room - The office of Dr. Kelly, Dr. Edwards, and Dr. Webb

Our beautiful office has been recently remodeled to provide you with the latest technology in dental equipment. We use digital x-rays which greatly reduce the amount of radiation exposure necessary. We also use digital photography and have hundreds of photos of dentistry done in our office, which are stored in our library. We can show you photos of all the procedures we do and can take pictures of your teeth while we restore them. We can even send you home with before and after photos of your teeth if you’d like. 

Our dental hygiene rooms are equipped with Cavitron ultrasonic cleaners. The Cavitron has been proven to be an extremely successful tool in removing tartar from both above and below the gumline by using oscillating sound waves to gently vibrate tartar away from the teeth. 

 Outside Wenatchee Dental - Landscaping - The Practice of Dr. Kelly, Dr. Edwards and Dr. Webb

Our office is also designed with your comfort in mind. The combination of modern technology and modern comforts, makes our office the ideal location for your dental experience.